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AIC-designated appraisers offer a broad scope of property valuation services to their clients. They provide an independent, informed, and professional opinion on the quality, value, or utility of a specific property.

To effectively provide you with the comprehensive range of services listed above, AIC members complete a rigorous course of studies in all aspects of real estate valuation before they are granted the use of either of the AIC's professional designations. These designations are nationally - and internationally - recognized hallmarks of quality. AIC members who have achieved them are widely respected and sought after by the courts, investors, federally and non-federally regulated financial institutions, all levels of government and the private sector. For many, an AIC-designated appraiser is the only appraisal professional of choice.

The CRA designation held by Tracey Davies and Drew Dixon, is granted to individuals who have completed the CRA program of studies and fulfilled all the professional requirements of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. CRA members are qualified to offer valuation and consulting services and expertise for individual, undeveloped residential dwelling sites and dwellings containing not more than four self-contained family housing units.

About Tri-County Appraisal

At Tri-County Appraisal, our primary goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to make sound real estate choices. The company was formed in 1992 serving the three counties of Elgin, Oxford, and Norfolk.

In 2014 the company expanded to include the cities of St. Thomas, London, and Middlesex County. The two senior appraisers have a combined 40 years of residential appraisal experience. In addition to urban appraisal in London and St. Thomas, our unique rural expertise includes hobby farms, rural residential, village residential, and recreational cottage properties. We offer professional appraisal services at competitive fee rates. Tri-County Appraisal uses the most recent and up to date appraisal technologies and software in the industry and is able to communicate and present reports in digital and web-based format.

Clients served include major banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, lawyers, accountants, government, and consumers. For clients that require services on a wider national scale, Tri-County Appraisal can assist in referral of appropriate AIC appraisers nationwide, at no charge.

About Our Team

Tracey Davies

Tracey Davies

Tracey Davies is the founder of Tri County Appraisal. She earned the CRA national designation in 1989 and has spent her career as an appraiser in South Western Ontario. Tracey Davies is a member in good standing with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and in compliance with the continuing professional development program. Tracey Davies is an active residential appraiser with special skills and experience in rural residential property. In addition to being a designated appraiser, Tracey Davies is also a provincially licensed real estate sales representative.

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Drew Dixon


Drew Dixon has 7 years experience as a residential appraiser earning the CRA national designation in 2016. Drew is a member in good standing with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and in compliance with the continuing professional development program. Drew is located in London and is an active residential appraiser with experience valuing single family, multi-family and rural properties within London and the surrounding area.

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Martha Loewen

Martha Loewen

Martha Loewen is a junior residential appraiser and a candidate member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. She joined the AIC in 2014 and is working toward her CRA designation under the mentorship and co-signer, Tracey Davies. Martha Loewen is a member in good standing with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and in compliance with the continuing professional development program. Martha Loewen is an active residential appraisal developing skills in all aspects of residential appraisal, primarily involved in urban residential appraisal.

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Rob Davies

Rob Davies

Rob Davies is the office manager and administrator for Tricounty Appraisal. He has a background in management, finance, and quality control. Rob Davies is active in research, inspection, and report preparation, accounting, office procedures, and office management.

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